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Website Redesigns click for more info

Renewal is good and more importantly, it is of extreme importance to keep up with the changes of the WWW. So, if you are ready to "make room for the new" and give your website an "all-season" cleaning, let us know.

Brochure Websites click for more info

Ideal for Small Businesses, a Brochure/ Marketing Website is a simple website that will provide company information. It is basically a digital brochure available to a broader audience digitally.

Dynamic Corporate Websites click for more info

Ideal for “lengthy content” websites, that will have frequent changes and updates and require more functionality than just displaying information.

Online Stores/ E-commerce click for more info

Would you like to sell your products online? We can help setup small-to-medium online stores and find a simple solution for your desired level of maintenance.

Online Community Portals click for more info

Is your community looking for a place online where they can share thoughts among themselves and the world? An online community might be what you need.

Online Portfolios click for more info

Are you an aspiring or professional artist? An online Portfolio is what you need to showcase your work.

As artists ourselves, we understand how important it is to have a design that really combines with and reflects the artwork itself. We are very open and happy to listen to you and come up with something that really brings out what you are looking for.

Online Journals/ Blogs click for more info

If you are a writer or an aspiring writer and would like to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, you might enjoy having your own weblog. We can set up, customize and provide tutorials for you to start blogging.

Image Galleries click for more info

Would you like to share your photos with friends and family in your own customized gallery? Let us know!

Full Flash Websites click for more info

Dynamic, animated, fully customizable websites, for when visual appeal is what matters.

Flash Banners click for more info

We can help creating animated and interactive banners for "stand-out" advertizing of producs or services for your website.

Flash Intros click for more info

An animated introduction is somewhat of an audio-visual presentation the users will see before accessing the actual home page of your website.

Search Engine Optimization click for more info

In SEO, when creating the website's content architecture, we will be taking the search engine indexing in consideration to possibly increase the indexing of your website by the search engines.

We will do a meta tag analysis and optimization and format the meta tags so that it is acceptable by most search engine's guidelines and ensure that they are contextually accurate within the web pages.

We will also use Intuitive Content Placement, which is a technique of placement of content in an order that is search engine friendly which can increase your rank in search engines as well.

Also, just as a reminder, by complying with Web Standards, there is already an increase of the chances of a better rank with Search Engines.

Custom Projects

The World of "Web"

A website is currently the most cost effective way of making your business and/or work found by anyone and anywhere in the world. This boost in accessibility will surely expand the arrays of prospects and possibilities for any business, service or product.

Whether you are looking into building your personal website, a website for your business or an online portfolio to showcase your work, we can help.

We work almost 100% of the time with Open Source software, which currently provides a vast array of solutions for virtually any kind of project and is a great alternative for the former monopoly of expensive softwares.

Technology has come a long way since we designed our first website, so we strive to stay updated with all the growth and changes of the World Wide Web. Keeping the "bigger picture" in mind in this "world" of transformation is of extreme importance to us.

With that in mind, we have been developing nearly all web design and development projects in accordance to the Web Standards defined by the W3C.

Some of our past Web Design & Development Projects

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